9 Peaceful Paint Colors For Your Home

Stress can sneak up on you. It doesn’t take much to leave us feeling anxious and stressed– it could be as easy as feeling busy at work or just seeming like you do not have enough time in the day to get whatever done. The bright side is that you can assist to keep your stress levels low simply by utilizing the ideal paint colors in your home.

Tension Reducing Colors to Calm You

You may not even discover it, but your body and your mind both have responses to seeing colors. Brighter colors usually promote your brain and energize you, potentially even making you feel a little distressed. When painting spaces in your home, you want to think of how you wish to feel when you’re in the room. If relaxation is your objective, there are specific colors to think about.


Blue is a traditional color that many turn to when embellishing their homes. There’s a good reason for that– blue is rather a soothing color and can help to soothe a hectic mind. It’s an ideal color to use in a bedroom because it can in fact assist you sleep. When it comes to which shades to stay with, believe very soft, neutral tones given that bright colors might be too stimulating.


Violet has a blue base, so it makes sense that this color would also be rather relaxing. A soft violet or lilac tone can bring balance and inner peace. When selecting a shade of violet, try to find something soft without too much black in it.


You may not instantly consider pink as a calming color given that it has so many brilliant and dynamic variations. Nevertheless, a soft pastel pink can absolutely bring an aspect of peace and calm to a space. When choosing the right shade of pink, believe soft and light, considering that brighter tones with too much red might leave you feeling overstimulated.

Blue, Violet, and Pink Room Inspiration


Green is rather calming and soothing. It makes ideal sense because this is the color we associate with nature and the outdoors. Green exists in the majority of the spaces we check out when we wish to feel unwinded; parks, our backyards, and the quiet forest. Pretty much any shade of green will leave you feeling calm, but the lighter tones will have you feeling more chilled out than brighter variations.


You might be a little surprised to see gray on this list given that it’s often viewed as being a bit dull and boring. Some may think it’s even a little dismal considering that we sometimes feel a bit low on days where the sky is very cloudy. Nevertheless, the right shade of gray can in fact be extremely calming and relaxing. It’s a perfect neutral color, which implies it works well with basically any color or palette. It’s a great alternative for any space in your home.


Tan is another one that might not instantly come to mind for people. It’s a great neutral and works well as a base for highlighting other colors. There’s a warmness to it that advises us of candlelight, which is exceptionally unwinding.

Green, Gray and Tan Room Inspiration


White is an interesting one given that subtle differences in the shade can develop extremely different reactions in individuals. If you go too dull, it might be a bit of a downer. If you go too bright, it can seem too clinical and actually tension you out a bit. The key to keeping things relaxing with white is to stay with warmer, creamy versions.


A bright yellow is very revitalizing and may have your mind running a mile a minute. Nevertheless, a really light, soft pastel yellow feels extremely soothing. The ideal shade of yellow can leave you seeming like you’re being bathed in warm rays of sunshine. It does not get a lot more peaceful than that!


You can create variations on calming colors by blending any of these beautiful tones together. For example, blending violet and gray will produce a soothing lilac gray hue, or a pink and tan can integrate to create a softer warm pink.

White and Yellow Room Inspiration

Gray makes a great base for mixing with any brighter color to create a cool, relaxing tone that will not appear too frustrating or distracting. It works magnificently when mixed with violets, greens, and blues.

What is one of the most Soothing Color?

It will not surprise you to learn that it’s blue! When we’re feeling stressed, we subconsciously aim to blue. We may appreciate the sky for a bit of daydreaming to cool down or travel to the beach to gaze out into the water and delight in some quiet time. In fact, it’s said that looking at the color blue can produce chemicals in the body that promote calming.

Blue House Paint

If you do not wish to go full-on blue in every room in your house, you’ll still feel the soothing effects by choosing colors that have elements of blue, such as a warmer gray, blue-green, or soft purple.

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