6 Warning Signs Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

“Prevention is always better than cure” as what most doctors say to a patient so that they would get checked even if they don’t feel sick. I guess this principle applies to almost anything – from our relationships, to cooking, to roofing maintenance. It’s always best to be prepared. However, most of us are too busy (or lazy) to even think about doing preventive measures when it comes to the car of our roof. In worst instance that this happens, what
should you look out for to get it repaired or replaced?

1. Sudden electricity bill hike – your air-conditioning system will work double time if the usual temperature inside our homes had a sudden surge as well and this would mean higher electrical bills. It will not hurt to check if there is warm air leaking through your roof, and if there is, get your ventilation issues addressed as soon ASAP.

2. Water stains on ceilings – the most obvious sign that there’s something wrong with your roofing system. It can be because of a problem on the downspouts, the underlayment or damaged shingles. Don’t let that stain crawl throughout your ceiling, as it may lead to worse problems and more costly repairs.

3. Paint peeling – if there is too much moisture because of humidity, the paint on the exterior might peel off. This is either because of a poorly ventilated attic or problems boiling in your gutter system.

4. Broken or missing shingles – damaged shingles can be mostly because of extreme weather conditions, and this can weaken your shingles. If you see any sign of damage or wear, it may lead to further damage. Better get this checked the soonest.

5. Saggy roof deck – no builder will put a saggy roof deck on your home, as this is in direct contrast to what our roof’s purpose is. A saggy roof deck could only mean that there’s a moisture leak somewhere in your roofing system. Prevent further deterioration by asking help from a roofer.

6. Sunshine through your roof boards – sunshine is good for our body as it gives us Vitamin D, but is not good if its coming through a hole in your roof. If sunshine can penetrate, so can rain and snow. If you don’t want to experience the seasons in your attic, get it fixed.

Maintaining a home is not easy or even cheap. However, it would cost more if you ignore these signs and wait until something even more damaging happens. Preventing further damage can not only save you money, but your family’s home too.